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Baldur's Gate 3, Lance.gg, and Dab Motors


Baldur's Gate 3 confirmed from the makers of Divinity: Original Sin 2
After teasing it last week, the makers of Divinity: Original Sin 2 today confirmed the biggest pre-E3 bombshell yet: Baldur’s Gate 3 is coming.
Jason Schreier at Kotaku

Snapchat's battle royale game is out now
You can team up with friends for rapid-fire matches in Tiny Royale.
Kris Holt at Engadget

SuperData: Millennials spend average of $112 a month on gaming content
That is more than any other age group, including the Gen X and Gen Z demographics.
Mike Minotti at VentureBeat

What happened when Sega courted female players in the mid-’90s
How a group of Sega executives helped make video games more inclusive.
Richard Moss at Polygon

Admiring the game design in hyper-casual games
Some may argue that hyper-casual is probably one of the easiest genres to analyze when it comes to game design.
Chirag Chopra at Gamasutra


Find A Job Through Vettery
Vettery specializes in developer roles and is completely free for job seekers. Sign up to receive interview requests directly from top companies hiring game devs.


Build a HTML5 hyper casual game like Bouncing Ball by Ketchapp Studio using Phaser 3 and Arcade physics
You can’t control the ball, as it bounces on its own, you can just speed up its speed during descent by tapping the screen, in a way which remindes a bit Tiny Wings.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Chronicles of the development of a multiplayer game (part 1)
This series of posts tells the story of two friends who decided to write a multiplayer game in JavaScript: a top-down space shooter called Spaaace.
Gary Weiss at Medium

Creating a Phaser 3 template (part 1)
The benefit of having a template is that it is a good starting point for your game, and it can save you a lot of time when you are setting up your game.
Scott Westover at Phaser Tutorials


IonPhaser 1.0.0 - web component built with Stencil.js to integrate Phaser with any other framework

Lance.gg 4.0.0 - open source JavaScript multiplayer game engine


Dab Motors configurator

Baobab planet

Space tourist


The Bowling Club

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