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Gamedev.js Weekly #28


We Will Never Give Up – Indie Development is What We Do!
Our latest release is Life of Pixel, which is the first game we have launched on PC/Mac, so everything is fairy new to us.
RichHW at Super Icon

How I made $12,000 with an ebook in 24 hours
Two weeks ago I released my first ebook. It's called "Discover Phaser", and teaches how to make HTML5 games with the Phaser framework.
Lessmilk blog

How This Online Game Generated Double The Engagement of Facebook
Two independent developers created a game that’s achieving an average playing time of 32 minutes by getting to the heart of what users really want.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

Specific tips/suggestions for juicing your game
In simple terms, juice is the feedback you receive whenever you perform an action.
ToastieRepublic at Reddit

The Future of Games and How to Stop It
Only a few years ago, the game industry was controlled by a few publishers creating games according to the strategies learned over the prior decade.
Jon Radoff at Medium

“Go HTML5 or die” – Meetup summary
A full review of the first Softgames HTML5 Games MeetUp "Go HTML5 or Die!".
Manuel Pineda at InsideHTML5Games

IP: The lifeblood of your business
Team17's Debbie Bestwick explains why indies must never let go of their rights.
Debbie Bestwick at Develop


Create a car with Phaser
Phaser uses the P2 physics engine to create physical accurate objects. Based on this example from the P2 physics page, I created a similar car in phaser.
Inkfood blog

Intro To Phaser Part 1: Setting Up Your Dev Environment and Phaser
In this tutorial we are going to create the “new hello world” in gaming, a Flappy Bird style game. We’ll be using Phaser, which is a popular HTML5 game framework.
Jesse Freeman at Amazon Mobile App Distribution Blog

Run cycle tutorial
Have you noticed a lot of people ‘rips’ 8-bit Mega Man run cycle? That’s because it’s GOOD. You should too (for practice!)
Unseven blog

Parallax Scrolling: A Simple, Effective Way to Add Depth to a 2D Game
In this tutorial, I'll cover the fundamentals of parallax scrolling, along with several methods of implementation.
Sonny Bone at Tuts+ Game Develompent


js13kGames started revealing the prizes


A defiant and deadly Phaser 2.0.6 “Jornhill” is released

LREditor - free and open source HTML5 2D game editor using Phaser

CocoonJS 2.0.2 is live


Procedural Content Generation in Games textbook


Super Markup Man - learn HTML the fun and easy way

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