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Skater, Danger Crew, and Classic Minecraft


The dangers of in-game data collection
Can your choices come back to haunt you?
Patrick Stafford at Polygon

Riot Games employees walk out over workplace harassment lawsuits
More than 150 workers at the developer’s Los Angeles HQ join protest – the largest such walkout in video game industry history.
Keza MacDonald at The Guardian

Magic: The Gathering is officially the world’s most complex game
A new proof with important implications for game theory shows that no algorithm can possibly determine the winner.
Nathan Rupert at MIT Technology Review

John Wick Hex is indie darling Bithell Games’ first licensed game
Bithell Games studio is working on its first licensed game — John Wick Hex, what publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment and Lionsgate term as an "action-oriented strategy game".
Jason Wilson at VentureBeat

Designing Baba is You's delightfully innovative rule-writing system
The soul of Baba Is You is its rule detection and implementation.
John Harris at Gamasutra


Technical Artist for Mixed Reality at Mozilla

Find A Job Through Vettery
Vettery specializes in developer roles and is completely free for job seekers. Sign up to receive interview requests directly from top companies hiring game devs.


Pure Javascript class to handle Draw and Match games like Dungeon Raid
Ready to communicate with your favorite HTML5 framework, Phaser 3 example included.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


Countdown to js13kGames 2019


Pop quiz hot shot. Your JavaScript app is on fire; what do you do? 🔥⏳💣
Answer: Open Honeybadger’s incident report in PagerDuty, check the backtrace, fix in GitHub, then attend a DevOps hero parade in your honor. 🎉🙇‍♂️🙌


Skater riding a bunch of HTML5 range sliders

Bubble Sorting Island Adventure


Danger Crew, an HTML5 game launched on Steam

Classic Minecraft in the browser

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