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Dwarf Fortress, The Fearsome Three, and Tiny Alien


Gearbox announces Borderlands 3
The long-anticipated third Borderlands game is coming, Gearbox said today, following months worth of hints and teases.
Jason Schreier at Kotaku

Apple Arcade: all the confirmed games so far
This is a new subscription-based service that will allow users to download and play a selection of premium games for one fee.
GameSpot staff

Nintendo to launch two new Switch models
The new gaming consoles will be released as early as this summer.
Takashi Mochizuki at The Wall Street Journal

Minecraft update scrubs ‘Notch’ references from game’s loading screen
No public explanation has been given.
Charlie Hall at Polygon

The Dwarf Fortress creators weren't in it for money, but now they need it
For 12 years, Dwarf Fortress has been a free video game. It's finally coming to Steam, but only after rising health care costs forced their hand.
Patrick Klepek at Waypoint

No Man's Sky VR puts the universe on your headset for free
As long as you own the core game, of course.
Jessica Conditt at Engadget


Find A Job Through Vettery
Vettery specializes in developer roles and is completely free for job seekers. Sign up to receive interview requests directly from top companies hiring game devs.


Commenting the Sunny Land Woods demo
This is not a typical step by step tutorial, else a series of comments about how we migrated the Sunny Land Woods demo to Phaser 3, using the Phaser Editor 2D tools.
Arian at Phaser Editor Blog

Wolfenstein: Ray Tracing On using WebGL1
I really wanted to get some experience in combining a classical forward renderer and a ray tracer myself. I ended up in creating my own hybrid rendering engine using WebGL1.
Reinder's blog

Phaser leaderboard with user authentication using Node + Express + MongoDB (part 3)
We will continue working on our server by updating the rest of the endpoints for sending data to MongoDB, and we will add authentication to our endpoints.
Scott Westover at Phaser Tutorials


Get Core, a fully-functional front-end kit in React, free from Mason
Meet the latest evolution in UI kits—Core, a front-end feature kit, is an essential library of building blocks that *actually works.* Create browser-based user-interface software in minutes and free up time for other challenges. Try it free today!


The Fearsome Three

Maze drawing algorithm


Tiny Alien

Fantastic Fetus

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