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Gamedev.js Weekly #27


Pixel art games aren't retro, they're the future
Pixel art was more or less essential throughout the ’80s due to the low-powered hardware of the time, but saw a rapid decline with the introduction of 3D-capable home consoles like the Sony PlayStation and Nintendo 64.
Sam Byford at The Verge

A frank look at making videogames professionally
I meet and speak with so many people that want to make videogames. This desire often begins from an interest in making their own game ideas. Over time, that interest tends to quietly morph into an interest in getting a job making games.
HobbyGameDev blog

How This Online Game Generated Double The Engagement of Facebook
Two independent developers created a game that’s achieving an average playing time of 32 minutes by getting to the heart of what users really want.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

Why I made the crappiest game I could think of to motivate myself
Stop me if you've heard this before: "I'm putting the project on hold because ___". Well obviously you can't stop me because I'm writing this, but I know you're out there. I know you, and I know your reasons.
Xerologic at Reddit

Benefits and Challenges of HTML5 App and Game Cross-Platform Development
HTML5 web app development had its ups and downs but it is undeniably one of the most promising technologies for the upcoming years.
Iker Jamardo at Developer Economics

Current state and the future of HTML5 games
More and more often we come across HTML5 productions. What is the reason behind the growing popularity of this technology, and why are game creators so willing to sacrifice Flash for HTML5?
Kamil Kaniuk & Mikołaj Stolars at Awwwards


Intro to HTML5 Game Development (Free Course)
In this online training you will learn the basics of HTML5 game development by creating your first Mario-style platformer game. We’ll be using the Quintus HTML5 game framework.
Pablo Farias Navarro at Zenva Academy

Add Motion Control to a Kiwi.js Game With the Leap Motion Controller
In this tutorial, I'll help you make your first HTML5 game that is controlled by a Leap Motion Controller, using the Kiwi.js engine.
Zachary Freiberg at Tuts+ Game Development


Go HTML5 or Die - Berlin gamedev meetup

WGK - Conference on Video Games Development


js13kGames starts in one month


MonoGame.js, a JavaScript game library based on the XNA/MonoGame API

GameMaker: Studio Pro summer sale


Phaser jump game demo

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