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Phaser 3.16, Cocoon, and Humble Bundles


Google Play Store now open for Progressive Web Apps
The idea that we can now publish PWAs in the Google Play Store is really a game changer.
Maximiliano Firtman at Medium

Microsoft plans Xbox Live for Nintendo Switch, mobile
Now that's an achievement.
Tom Phillips at Eurogamer

10 amazing JavaScript games in under 13kB of code
We've chosen some of our favorite games from last year to share with you. Enjoy them as a tiny gaming break from work or as a source of coding inspiration.
Georgi Georgiev at Tutorialzine

Apex Legends is the most-viewed game on Twitch with 3 times as many viewers as Fortnite
Apex Legends has over 200,000 viewers on Twitch right now.
Shabana Arif at VG247


Developer Educator, TwilioQuest


Give your HTML5 games a “full screen” option and manage game scaling and resizing in a couple of lines of code thanks to Phaser 3 version 3.16
The long awaited 3.16 version has been released and brings a complete scale manager and also a full screen feature.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Optimizing for space, part 2
Adventures in eliminating bytes.
Elliot Nelson at 7 Ton Shark


BLUR's campaign on Start Engine


Pixi and Babylon authors at Amsterdam JSNation conference


Phaser 3.16 released

Shutting down Cocoon


Save 40% off Manning's Math for Programmers book
You need strong math skills to build 3D graphics, machine learning algorithms, simulations, and more with Python. With 40% off using the code gamedevjs40, this book is exactly what you need to know to get stuff done.

Intro to Code - software Humble Bundle

Break into the Game Industry - book Humble Bundle


Paintball Racers

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