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Deepmind, OnOff, and Reunite


DeepMind AI AlphaStar goes 10-1 against top StarCraft II pros
The AI beat StarCraft pros TLO and MaNa thanks to more than 200 years worth of game knowledge.
AJ Dellinger at Engadget

Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram messenger to be merged
New reports suggest Facebook is planning to unify the messenger function on its social platforms.
Rhian Daly at NME

Dark Web creating ‘thriving criminal eco-system’ around game
Criminals are turning to video game mega-hit Fortnite and its 200 million players as an easy way to launder cash from stolen credit cards.
Brian Crecente at Variety

Behind the AI of Horizon Zero Dawn (part 1)
I’m exploring the gameplay and decision making systems that bring creatures to life and power the core gameplay experience.
Tommy Thompson at Gamasutra

Online piracy can be good for business, researchers find
Ham-fisted attacks on internet pirates may actually be counterproductive.
Karl Bode at Motherboard


JavaScript procedural dungeon generator found on GitHub, fixed a bit and about to be expanded
I fixed it here and there and although it hasn’t been updated for 3 years, I want to give it new life and add features, such as keys and doors, monsters and so on.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


1124 web games from Global Game Jam 2019


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CSS Grid Scrabble board

Dog is long


Takeaways from making a video game - Daniel Marino about OnOff



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