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Shaders in Phaser 3, banana rain, and Neon Shoot


Ironsource: predictions for 2019 on 5G, hyper casual games, and adtech
What will happen across categories as changes in one field can create opportunities, like making connected hardcore games on mobile devices more viable.
Dean Takahashi at VentureBeat

Human values in game design - an approach for designing emergent storytelling
I’d like to share the mental toolset that I think contributes to content and mechanics in Frostpunk working towards a holistically meaningful experience.
Jakub Stokalski at Gamasutra

Blizzard scales back Heroes of the Storm development, cancels 2019 esports events
Heroes of the Storm will see fewer content releases in the future.
Michael McWhertor at Polygon

Indie game business: now 15,000 times harder
There were times when it was easier to make money with indie game development. Could it be that it is near impossible after the indiepocalypse?
Bram Stolk at Gamasutra

BLUR launched beyond US, gives out cash prizes
You can win US dollars for completing 10 Games Challenge, and even more money for completing 21 Games Challenge. Both are available daily.


Find A Job Through Vettery
Vettery specializes in developer roles and is completely free for job seekers. Interested? Submit your profile, and if accepted onto the platform, you can receive interview requests directly from top companies seeking game devs.


HTML5 endless runner built with Phaser and arcade physics step 3: adding textures to platforms and coins to collect
Coins have their own animation and once collected they disappear in a way similar to the one you used to see in Super Mario series.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Why shaders are cool and how to use them in Phaser 3
I’ll showcase a few cool effects you can achieve with custom shaders and show how to apply them to your Phaser 3 game.
Jerome Renaux at Dynetis Games


Atlas packer for Phaser 3

Graph.ical - graph-based texture authoring tool


Banana rain

Tiny explorer

Phaser swarming spaceships


Neon Shoot

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