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NES CSS, Aether, and Kage


$200 Fallout 76 edition promised fancy bag, delivers nylon trash instead
The $200 Power Armor edition of Fallout 76 promised fans a load of stuff, including what looked like a very nice canvas bag. Which they didn’t end up getting.
Luke Plunkett at Kotaku

ESA claims loot boxes aren't gambling as FTC prepares to investigate
While this isn't the first time the ESA has defended loot boxes, it's interesting to see the U.S. trade body stand firm while the FTC prepares to dig deeper.
Chris Kerr at Gamasutra

Red Dead Online’s battle royale mode is quiet and intense
Make It Count is battle royale on a small scale — and it’s very good.
Michael McWhertor at Polygon

BitTorrent owner Tron will invest $100 million in blockchain games
The San Francisco and Malta-based Tron wants to spur more innovation in the emerging technologies of blockchain and cryptocurrency.
Dean Takahashi at Venture Beat

Beyond the frontlines: how Battlefield V found fresh WWII battles to fight
Swedish games studio Dice on telling lesser-told – and sometimes controversial – stories of the second world war.
Keza MacDonald at The Guardian


HTML5 endless runner built with Phaser and Arcade physics step 2: adding player animation and more customization
Remember in endless runners the player never runs, it’s the entire environment which moves towards the player.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

How to create a turn-based RPG in Phaser 3 – part 3
In part one we created the WorldScene, and in part two we made the BattleScene. Now, in part three, we will combine both scenes into a working game.
Lyubomira Popova at Zenva Academy


NES.css - NES-style CSS framework



Pixel art moonset


Kage: Ninja's Revenge

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