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The How's, Gamification, and Vive Le Roi


How players used shotguns to tear open the fabric of reality in Spelunky
Thousands of hours of experimentation and happy accidents have all lead to this moment, and it's changing the Spelunky community.
Patrick Klepek at Waypoint

How to market your game through industry competitions
There are many competitions that can provide financial prizes, marketing related prizes, or the invaluable opportunity to show off your game to a larger audience.
Jupiter Hadley at Appstore Blogs

How to build a successful business with messenger games
In October 2018, more than 5.8 billion monthly average users have been reported for the nine most popular messenger apps.
Alexander Krug at Pocket Gamer

How to survive as an indie developer in mobile games
This is not a recipe for instant mobile success, but I hope it’s an inspiration for anyone who is passionate about making mobile games.
Bart Bonte at Medium

The many roads of game development – from education to social activism
This time, we’re joined by Derek Curry, who is not only a Zenva student, but an Assistant Professor of Game Design.
Courtney Williams at Zenva Academy


HTML5 prototype of iOS game Perfect Square updated to Phaser 3 – build a physics game using only tweens
All the physics stuff you see in the game is driven by tweens. The square floats, falls and bounces on the ground only thanks to tweens.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Gamification: understanding the basics
I would like to dive into the basics of games, on how, contrary to popular belief, they fill in genuine human needs and help us become better people. See also part 2: the importance of failure and part 3: rewarding users with points.
Eugen Eşanu at UX Planet


GitHub's Game Off submission ends in one week


3D animated bar chart

Knightly Love

Transparent marble ball


How Aliens versus Predator's late design change made it a classic


Vive Le Roi

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