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Nemo, Game Off, and Phaser 3 tutorials


Stockholm-based Resolution Games nabs $7.5M to pioneer AR/VR experiences
New platforms are all about the content, and Resolution Games is one of the rare game studios going all in on AR/VR gaming.
Lucas Matney at TechCrunch

The story of NEMO, Hasbro’s console that never was
Developer Mark Turmell sheds light on the most influential game system never made.
Jeremy Parish at Polygon

British website forced to pay $1.3 million over Red Dead Redemption 2 leak
It’s a radical move that raises serious questions about editorial independence and legal threats against the press.
Jason Schreier at Kotaku

Graveyard Keeper: how the graphics effects are made
We put so much time and effort into different effects and other stuff that makes our pixel art as attractive as possible.
Svyatoslav Cherkasov at Gamasutra


Find A Job Through Vettery
Vettery specializes in developer roles and is completely free for job seekers. Interested? Submit your profile, and if accepted onto the platform, you can receive interview requests directly from top companies seeking game devs.


Facebook Instant Games in Phaser 3
Learn how to use the Facebook Instant Games Plugin for Phaser 3, how to preload assets, access player details and store game stats and player data.
Richard Davey at Phaser.io

Build a HTML5 game like Color Jump using Phaser 3 and Matter physics
Adding coins and commenting the source code.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Implementing Sokoban in Phaser 3/
Focus of this writeup lies on the implementation, and we’ll show a lot of code snippets.
Crazy Games blog


GitHub Game Off has started


Little witch

Animated squiggles on blob path

The Pythagoras tree


Transmorpher 3

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