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Gamedev.js Weekly #25


Minko + Oculus + Leap = Iron Man
Have you seen the original Iron Man movie? It was released in 2008 and it featured an awesome 3D holographic experience where Tony Stark. Get ready, because what was just science fiction 6 years ago is now science.
Jean-Marc Le Roux at Minko blog

The Lessons Learned After Spending 13 Years Making One Game
What happens when you spend literally half your life working on one game? This burden was carried by one developer as he spent 13 years trying to develop "the game he had always wanted to make."
Chelsea Stark at Mashable

The web: the next game frontier?
PC, consoles, tablets, mobiles. But what if the next interesting move was the browser and the web as a gaming platform?
David Rousset at MSDN Blogs

How to become a game developer?
Turns out, I became a game developer at thirteen years old. It was so long ago, so the only way to remember how old I was is by remembering which games I played at that time, and find out what year they were released.
Jack LeHamster blog

Using Google Analytics within CocoonJS
CocoonJS is a great platform to use if you aim to release your HTML5 game on Google Play or the App Store. I have myself decided to use it to release my latest game on Google Play using CocoonJS.
Rémi Vansteelandt blog


Web Audio API Tutorial
I’ll show you how to load and play sounds, how to adjust the volume, how to loop sounds, and how to crossfade tracks in and out – everything you need to get started implementing audio into your HTML5 games.
Kodo Games blog

Using the HTML5 Gamepad API to Add Controller Support to Browser Games
While my first FPS games were purely mouse- and keyboard-based, I've now got so much more used to a proper console controller that I'd rather use it for everything, including web-based games.
Raymond Camden at Tuts+ Game Development

Making a Game. Part 1: The Character
Today we're going to start creating a fully-functional game app with Blend4Web.
Blend4Web blog

How to Make an Indie Game Trailer With No Budget
You already have everything you need to create a professional looking gameplay trailer for your game. In just a couple of hours, you could be well on your way to YouTube glory!
Richard Yeates at Tuts+ Game Development


Mobile Game Engineer at Weeby.co
Weeby.co Game Engineers love making games. We want people who know their JavaScript and who enjoy making fun casual games to be played by millions.


Go HTML5 or Die - Berlin gamedev meetup


Piskel - create your own pixel art and animated sprites online


Core HTML5 2D Game Programming book

Online Game Development - list of useful resources


Show off your WebGL Widget Contest


Back to Candyland: Episode 1
HTML5 game with great animation, colours and elements.

Kick with Chrome games

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