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Layoffs, One Special Day, and Melon contest


Statement on the Telltale layoffs
Telltale has recently laid off approximately 250 workers, retaining only 25 staff to ‘fulfill the company's obligations to the board and partners.’
Game Workers Unite

Swiss football fans protest esports, throw PS4 controller on pitch
A Swiss Super League match between Young Boys and Basel was interrupted yesterday by fans protesting esports.
Shabana Arif at IGN

Introducing Oculus Quest, our first 6DOF all-in-one VR system
Offering six degrees of freedom and Touch controllers for true hand presence, Oculus Quest will launch in Spring 2019 for $399 USD.
Oculus Blog

Big Fish Games cutting 15% of its workforce, including key executives
The 16-year-old company, one of the icons of the Seattle region’s gaming industry, will focus solely on casino and casual games going forward.
Nat Levy at GeekWire


Experienced UI Engineer, Data Visualization at Workday


Web Audio API, part 1
You’ve never used the Web Audio API before, and you want to add some music to your small javascript project / game / js13k entry? Let’s jump straight into it and make a noise.
7 ton shark

Performance-tuning a WebVR game
For the past couple of weeks, I have been working on a VR version of one of my favorite puzzle games, the Nonogram, also known as Picross or Griddlers.
Josh Marinacci at Mozilla Hacks blog

Build a HTML5 game like Magick iPad game using Phaser and Arcade physics – code updated to Phaser 3
It was a retro platformer featuring a mage called Oz which walks and jumps by himself, but you can summon a crate, but only one, to modify the terrain.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


One Special Day


Melon Gaming gamedev contest

Phaser 3 doc jam


Emoji map editor

Lissajous table - pannable

Pixi.js displacement mapped text


Mafia Billiard Tricks

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