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Nintendo Direct, Cocoon 3, and emoji town


Wake up, sheeple: Luigi is still dead
During Nintendo Direct, Nintendo showed us what appeared to be a living, breathing Luigi, even though the very same Nintendo callously cut him down just last month.
Nathan Grayson at Kotaku

Destiny's creators made the game less addictive – and players rebelled
What’s the difference between a game that’s compulsive and one that’s merely fun? After an attempt to cut game time, Destiny 2: Forsaken lets players decide.
Alex Hern at The Guardian

How Donut County survived the Clone Wars
Donut County's initial success is promising, despite the HoleIO in their release schedule.
James Sutton at IndieHub

Cyberpunk’s transphobic tweet is part of a much larger issue with game marketing
It’s not about one joke, or even one company.
William Antonelli at Polygon


Publishing games with BLUR and Game Distribution – part 1: BLUR
BLUR have launched their app, which is a messaging app with games, on steroids – let’s see how you can get your games featured there. See also part 2: Game Distribution.
End3r at GamedevJS

HTML5 prototype of a circular endless runner featuring double jump built with Phaser – adding particle trails, explosions and camera effects
Here we go with another step in the creation of the circular endless runner built without using any physics engine.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


js13kGames 2018 just ended - here are all the entries


Cocoon 3.0.0 is out


Phaser 101 – Introduction to Game Development (free course)


3D emoji town in pure CSS

Techie caveman


Lampix Augmented Reality HTML5 games platform



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