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Ciri, IndieGames, and GameMaker


Ciri probably won’t be white in the Netflix Witcher series
Another detail on the Witcher Netflix series has come around, this time on the casting call for Ciri. They want Ciri to be young, and they want her to not be white.
Dustin Bailey at PCGamesN

IndieGames: a farewell, but a hello at IndieGamesPlus.com
After twelve years of covering wonderful, playful, emotional games, IndieGames is splitting off from its longtime owner UBM and going independent as IndieGamesPlus.
Joel Couture at IndieGames

In the name of accessibility, Spider-Man offers toggleable puzzles and QTEs
Insomniac’s recent game Marvel's Spider-Man has a number of options directed at making the game more accessible to a wide variety of players.
Alissa McAloon at Gamasutra

6 brilliant indie games from Gamescom 2018
GameCentral spotlights six of the best indie games from Gamescom, that feature everything from floating garbage islands to rewinding time.
GameCentral at Metro


Publishing games with BLUR and Game Distribution – part 1: BLUR
BLUR have launched their app, which is a messaging app with games, on steroids – let’s see how you can get your games featured there. See also part 2: Game Distribution.
End3r at GamedevJS

HTML5 prototype of Don’t Touch The Spikes built with Phaser 3 and Matter physics
It’s the classic Ketchapp game: easy, fun and interesting to deconstruct. See also play the complete game rendered in debug draw.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


Only a few days left till the end of js13kGames 2018


GameMaker: Studio 1.4.9999 released


Pure CSS magic trick


Ocean current


Exoplanet Express

Space Tank

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