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Battleship in CSS, Key Sprinter, and Huggernaut


People keep trying to scam their way into free video games
Every time an indie game launches on Steam, the scammers will be there to try to get free codes.
Jason Schreier at Kotaku

The end of open AI competitions
From the founder of the StarCraft AI Competition.
Ben Weber at Towards Data Science

Multiple fatalities and injuries reported in shooting at Madden tournament
A gunman opened fire at a Madden Championship Series tournament event in Jacksonville, Florida.
Ryan McCaffrey at IGN

Skipping Steam in 2018: why Jason Rohrer independently distributes One Hour, One Life
The veteran indie is known for doing things differently.
Richard Moss at Gamasutra

The story of why I left Riot Games
“So this is it. This is going to be the thing.”
Barry Hawkins' blog


Node.js Software Developer at eBay


Using WebGL and PWA to build an adaptive game for touch, mouse and VR devices
We’ll see how to build a cross-platforms game using an adaptive gameplay.
David Rousset's blog

Building Battleship in CSS
This is an experiment to see how far into an interactive experience I can get using only CSS. What better project to attempt than a game?
Daniel Schulz at CSS-Tricks


js13k-ecs - 1kb entity component system

js13k-2d - 2kb 2D WebGL renderer


Key Sprinter

Poker animation




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