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Phaser 3 tilemaps, revolving hearts, and Rookie Bowman


Game devs must avoid becoming reliant on free-to-play
Super Mario and Zelda designer Shigeru Miyamoto has warned developers about becoming over-reliant on the F2P model, as they could end up shooting themselves in the foot.
Chris Kerr at Gamasutra

Fortnite now gives you a reward if you turn on two-factor authentication
A quick survey of Kotaku staff indicates that getting security warnings from Epic is A Thing.
Stephen Totilo at Kotaku

Zynga stock soars 11 per cent after securing a deal to create licensed Star Wars titles
The studio will develop a mobile Star Wars title for Disney, with the option to create a second if it desires.
Natalie Clayton at Pocket Gamer

HBO announces new Game of Thrones video game
Reigns: Game of Thrones, by the award-winning developer of the Reigns series, will be released in October on Android, iPhones and PC.
Keza MacDonald at The Guardian


Modular game worlds in Phaser 3 (tilemaps #5) – matter physics platformer
We’ll step up our MatterJS knowledge and create a little puzzle-y platformer.
Michael Hadley at ITNext

HTML5 prototype of a circular endless runner featuring double jump built with Phaser – handling collisions without physics
How can we check for shape collision without physics? There won’t be any “shape” collision, we are going to check for line segment vs circle. See also: double, triple, infinite jumps and commented source code.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

How to create a turn-based RPG in Phaser 3 – part 2
We are going to make the battle scene, where the player units will fight the enemies.
Lyubomira Popova at Zenva Academy


Release notes translate


CSS fireballs and particles

Revolving hearts


Super Mario Bros speedrun world record explained


Rookie Bowman

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