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Gamedev.js Weekly #24


Easy accelerated 3D Games in a browser with JavaScript and WebGL using Three.js or Babylon.js
We can do hardware-accelerated 3D graphics in our browsers with WebGL. This works today in all the latest browsers.
Scott Hanselman's blog

Reddit AMA with TrueValhalla
I'm 21, self-employed, and make video games for a living from home.

Xbox controllers can control games in your browser with new IE developer edition
Microsoft is launching a developer version of Internet Explorer today, designed to supply developers and enthusiasts with the latest browser features.
Tom Warren at The Verge

How to Deal With a 'Bad' Game Jam Theme
Having participated in my fair share of game jams, I can promise you that it’s not nearly as terrible as you think it is.
Sonny Bone at Tuts+ Game Development

Building Gargantia: Sky Courier with the Turbulenz Engine
With HTML5 and WebGL support widely available in modern browsers like Internet Explorer 11, developers can now create great quality games which can be immediately enjoyed by a huge audience across a great variety of devices.
modern.IE blog

Should you build your next mobile game with HTML5?
This is the question facing thousands of mobile game developers and studios struggling with game discovery and monetization within the Apple app store and Google Play. Is now, finally, the time for HTML5?
Rob Grossberg at SD Times

Super Spice Dash – Making of
The reception for Super Spice Dash from both public and client alike has been phenomenal.
John Denton at Goodboy Digital blog

Top Five Reasons to Learn Game Development
We present to you the top five reasons to learn game dev.
Brad Yale at InformIT


Multithreading In HTML5 Using Web Workers
Multithreading allows us to execute code simultaneously by decreasing the context switching overhead.
Narayan Prusty at QNimate

Particles in Canvas
Canvas is an exciting new way to create animated content for the web. With it you can create eye-catching animation in the web browser using only HTML and JavaScript, without adding much size to your web pages.
Donovan Hutchinson's blog


Mobile Game Engineer at Weeby.co
Weeby.co Game Engineers love making games. They’ve been making games for years, whether on a mobile phone or a card table, on their own and just for themselves to play or at a major studio.


Go HTML5 or Die - Berlin gamedev meetup

onGameStart 2014 conference date announced


Goya Pixel Editor

Wavepot - the digital audio workstation of the web


Back to Candyland: Episode 1
HTML5 game with great animation, colours and elements.

Ghosts 'n Goblins from Capcom recreated using Phaser

Total Football Games

colorTanks - multiplayer WebGL game using Node.js and PlayCanvas

Pixel Art + Star Trek = Pixel Trek

Huungree RPG LITE created with LimeJS


Support Photon Storm, Phaser author via Gittip

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