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Gamedev.js Weekly #238


FRVR raises $3 million from Accel for HTML5 cross-platform games
FRVR has made its name as a publisher of lightweight HTML5 games such as Basketball FRVR, which has been played more than 5.6 billion times.
Dean Takahashi at GamesBeat

All this time, Aliens: Colonial Marines' stupid AI may have been caused by a single typo
Five years later, one modder uncovers the smoking 'a'. Was a single letter really the problem?
Austin Wood at PC Gamer

Why a pro-gamer dumped the weather presenter girlfriend to play for Call of Duty
Call him crazy, but professional gamer Douglas “FaZe Censor” Martin says he dumped his girlfriend for a very good reason.
Alex Sassoon Coby at NewsComAu

5 practical exercises to learn UI design (for free)
Trying to get a design education from design articles is like trying to eat a meal of crumbs.
Erik D. Kennedy at Learn UI Design

How ad networks take advantage of blind environments
Buzzwords are abundant these days. In pop culture it is all about crypto, blockchain, and ICOs. The mobile ads space is no stranger to buzzwords either.
Jeff Gurian at Kongregate Developers Blog


How to create a turn-vased RPG in Phaser 3 – part 1
You will make a turn-based RPG similar to the early Final Fantasy games, all while learning to use many of the cool, new features incorporated into Phaser 3.
Lyubomira Popova at GameDev Academy

Down the Mountain prototype built with Phaser 3 updated: fake 3D jump using cubic Bezier curves and not using containers anymore
This is quite a long title but I have a lot to show you.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


The Explorables Jam

Gynvael's Summer GameDev Challenge 2018


The Complete Programming and Full-Stack Bundle – 40 Course Smart Curriculum
Take the leap and invigorate your portfolio by mastering Python, Machine Learning, Full-Stack Web Development, HTML5, Unity and VR Development.


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