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Gamedev.js Weekly #235


N64 VR with Javascript
I made an N64 emulator work in VR with Javascript and WebXR. Emukit is open source.
Avaer Kazmer at Medium

10 non-violent multiplayer games that aren’t sports-related
I myself am not a fan of sports games — even in single player. I have compiled a list of a few games you can play with your friends if you feel the same.
Jupiter Hadley at Big Boss Battle

How we discovered a virus infecting tens of thousands of Fortnite players
We want to diverge from our usual tech and vision blogs and share with you a journey of something surreal.
Andrew Sampson at Rainway blog

Russian social network OK.ru triples game developer payouts
One of Russia’s largest social networks has tripled mobile game developer payouts to $1.6 mln (100 mln rubles) over the past five months.
Sergey Tomilov at GameDevNet

Build a HTML5 game using only 13Kb and win a lot of prizes in the Js13kGames competition
Are you ready to enter the competition and make your game fit in 13Kb?
Emanuele Feronato's blog


Junior Web Developer at Gameloft


Samepanda – build HTML5 Samegame with Panda 2
If you liked Pandaban, the Sokoban prototype made with Panda 2, you will probably like Samepanda.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Accessibility in game design: text displays
Let’s look into the specifics of why this is important, and how we can add more accessibility to the text displays in our games.
Kyle Speaker at Tuts+ Game Development


RPG Academy - From Zero to Creating Games
World's first on-demand curriculum to teach ANYONE how to code and build impressive 2D and 3D RPG games with Unity.



Infinitely drawing icons


New football level in Flood Escape

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