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Gamedev.js Weekly #234


Thousands of indie Android devs on the brink of extinction after Play Store changes visibility algorithm rules
The purpose of this blog post is to drive awareness about an unprecedented change in the Play Store visibility algorithm.
Vlad Chetrusca at Gamasutra

Google invests $22 million in the OS powering Nokia feature phones
KaiOS is based on the failed Firefox OS experiment.
Tom Warren at The Verge

TensorFlow.js, machine learning and Flappy Bird: frontend artificial intelligence
What follows is my experiment, based on an HTML5 project using Flappy Bird game model and machine learning. My goal was to replace Synaptic with TensorFlow.js.
Daniel Capeletti at Apptension blog

How classic games make smart use of random number generation
How much thought have you put into the nature of randomness in your game? May I suggest taking a moment and considering it, its nature, and how it could go wrong?
John Harris at Gamasutra

High Fidelity raises $35 million with goal of bringing VR to ‘a billion people’
The platform leverages blockchain technology to enable VR developers to create linkable experiences that can be easily deployed across platforms.
Dean Takahashi at Venture Beat


How to make a tower defense game with Phaser 3
We will create an empty game, then we will continue with adding enemies, turrets and bullets. We will use arcade physics to make bullets hit the enemies.
Lyubomira Popova at GameDev Academy

Create interactive gradient animations using Granim.js
We will move away from CSS and create gradient animations using a JavaScript library called Granim.js.
Monty Shokeen at Tuts+ Code

Fully playable prototype of Plus+Plus built in JavaScript using only jQuery
Described as an “hidden gem” by TouchArcade, it’s a simple and funny number puzzle.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


Football-cli - command line interface for hackers who love football

The new Tower 3.0 has launched


HTML5 Cross Platform Game Development Using Phaser 3 eBook by Emanuele Feronato



Real time moon

CSS panning perspective plane


Amazing Klondike Solitaire

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