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Gamedev.js Weekly #228


Sociologists examine hackathons and see exploitation
Sociologist Sharon Zukin says hackathons are a “powerful strategy for manufacturing workers’ consent in the ‘new’ economy”.
Erin Griffith at Wired

Google temporarily undo game-busting Chrome change
After outcry from developers, players, conservationists, and the ol’ paper-shaking press, Google have temporarily undone the damage – but only temporarily.
Alice O'Connor at Rock Paper Shotgun

Microsoft’s new Xbox controller is designed entirely for players with disabilities
The Xbox Adaptive Controller means more people can play.
Chelsea Stark and Samit Sarkar at Polygon

Less management, more success: inside Supercell's 'upside-down' organization
Supercell did things “upside-down” — that is, the creative people essentially run the company and management makes sure to get out of their way.
Kris Graft at Gamasutra


Web Developer at Naughty Dog


HTML5 Game Development mini-degree (early access)
Learn to code and make impressive games with JavaScript and Phaser. Create a huge portfolio of both mobile and desktop games.
Zenva Academy

How to make your action game more engaging with reload mechanics
We'll take a look at how various games use this mechanic to their advantage to make an experience more engaging and fun.
Matthias Zarzecki at Tuts+ Game Development

HTML5 platformer prototype inspired by iOS hit Yeah Bunny thanks to Phaser and Arcade physics – the STOP tile
A tile which simply stops the player. Which may sound useless if you have a four direction controller, but is quite important in an auto runner like this.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


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Leaving out particularities

GLSL: visualising 3D distance fields in 2D


99 Balls

10 Bullets

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