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Gamedev.js Weekly #226


Impact is now free and open source
My HTML5 Game Engine Impact launched almost 8 years ago. I felt increasingly bad for selling a product that is hardly maintained or improved.
Dominic Szablewski's blog

In-app purchases are coming to Facebook’s Instant Games on Android and the web
The feature will allow game developers to add another form of monetization beyond advertising to their games on select platforms, but not on iOS.
Sarah Perez at TechCrunch

We can't rely on nostalgia to sell
Brian Fargo mines the past with The Bard's Tale IV, looks to mine the future with blockchain-powered storefront Robot Cache.
Brendan Sinclair at GamesIndustry

Google wunderkind is building a secret social-gaming startup
Google is secretly building a social-gaming startup, part of its effort to create fledgling companies within the internet-search giant.
Sarah Frier and Mark Bergen at Bloomberg

What’s going on with Steam Spy?
After multiple websites reported that Steam Spy is dead, I think it is time to discuss what is actually going on.
Sergey Galyonkin at Medium


HTML5 platformer prototype inspired by iOS hit Yeah Bunny thanks to Phaser and Arcade physics updated to Phaser 3.6.0
You the bunny runs automatically, changes direction each time it hits an obstacle, can perform jump, double jump and wall jump as well as slide down the walls.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Create a basic multiplayer game in Phaser 3 with Socket.io – part 1
We will be using Phaser 3 and Socket.io to create a simple multiplayer game. We will follow the client-server game architecture. See also part 2.
Scott Westover at GameDev Academy

js13kPWA: how to make PWAs installable
We can allow users to install the web app, just as if it was a native app. This article explains how to achieve this, using the web manifest and add to home screen feature.
MDN Web Docs


HTML5 Game Development Mini-Degree
Learn to code and make impressive games with JavaScript and Phaser, create a huge portfolio of both mobile and desktop games.


WebVR Experience Challenge, winners announced


Running dude



FreeCell Solitaire

Mr Men Memory Match

Pop Pop Candies

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