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Gamedev.js Weekly #224


App review reopens for Instant Games and Messenger apps with limited page connections
We recently shared updates about changes being made to improve the integrity of platforms across Facebook.
Itai Leibowitz at Facebook Developer News

Hackers once stole a casino's high-roller database through a thermometer in the lobby fish tank
Hackers are increasingly targeting "Internet of Things" devices to access corporate systems, using things like CCTV cameras or air-conditioning units.
Oscar Williams-Grut at Business Insider

A huge free-to-play game makes fun of its addicted players, and they love it
Free-to-play is a dark art.
David Cabrera at Polygon

A (slightly) different way to think about games and art
Last week the games-as-art “debate” was briefly revived for a moment before sinking beneath the waves of social media’s consciousness once again.
Matthew Burns at Gamasutra

Rampaging wage slaves and Marie Antoinette – the pick of avant-garde festival games
An edible board game and a trickster goose were among offerings at London’s Now Play This experimental games showcase.
Jordan Erica Webber at The Guardian


How to make a Mario-style platformer with Phaser 3
The goal of this tutorial is to teach you how to build a platformer games with Phaser 3.
Lyubomira Popova at GameDev Academy

How to integrate Facebook Instant Games API in your Phaser game – saving game information
It’s time to see how to save some game information, such as the best score.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

js13kPWA: Progressive Web App structure
Let's look at the recommended structure of an actual app. Start with analyzing the js13kPWA application, why it is built that way, and what benefits it brings.
MDN Web Docs


HTML5 Game Development Mini-Degree
Learn to code and make impressive games with JavaScript and Phaser, create a huge portfolio of both mobile and desktop games.


Plain Webpack 4 boilerplate with Babel, SASS and Phaser 3

State transition plugin for Phaser


Dancing Markovs: play it yourself edition

CSS cheerful pineapple



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