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Gamedev.js Weekly #221


Snap reportedly bought its very own 3D game engine
Snapchat’s parent company bought PlayCanvas, a web-based 3D game engine startup out of the UK this past May.
Lucas Matney at TechCrunch

Releasing the Unity C# source code
We published the Unity engine and editor C# source code on GitHub, under a reference-only license.
Aras Pranckevičius at Unity blog

Riot, Blizzard, and Twitch are teaming up to fight toxic gaming behavior
The Fair Play Alliance is a coalition made up of over 30 different companies that aims to share research and lessons learned around gaming communities.
Nathan Grayson at Kotaku

All rise and no fall: how Civilization reinforces a dangerous myth
Civilization VI: Rise and Fall wants to solve a problem. That problem is perpetual growth, and it plagues many 4X games.
Alister MacQuarrie at Rock Paper Shotgun

NBC Universal, Unity, Intel, and Microsoft kick off big indie game contest
It will be a rare chance for indies to envision games based on their own takes on some of the world’s most popular entertainment franchises.
Dean Takahashi at GamesBeat


How to deploy your melonJS game on Facebook Instant Games in 3 minutes
This guide will take you through the basic steps required to deploy your existing melonJS game(s) onto the Facebook Instant Games platform.
Olivier Biot at melonJS

How to integrate Facebook Instant Games API in your Phaser game
We are going to see how to integrate Facebook Instant Games API in your Phaser game, and as usual it’s way easier than you may think.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


js10k - celebrating 10 years of JS1k


New release of Tower, a Git client, in public beta

Rough.js - create graphics with a hand-drawn, sketchy appearance


A-Frame fun with primitives (Red Alert: Extended)

Mario made with CSS gradients only

Ziggidy zaggady



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