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Gamedev.js Weekly #22


WebGL on iOS 8 Safari and WebView
The long wait has ended: we can confirm that webgl is present by default on iOS 8 (and MacOSX) both in Safari and the system webview.
Iker Jamardo at Ludei blog

A first look at what iOS8 means for Phaser and Pixi.js
As you can imagine I was excited to download iOS8 right away and test it out with Phaser and Pixi. And wow, I was not disappointed.
Rich at Photon Storm blog

PlayCanvas goes open source
When we first started PlayCanvas WebGL was just beginning to make it’s way from Chrome and Firefox Nightlies into stable releases.
Dave at PlayCanvas blog

Smartphones at risk of malicious code injection through HTML5-based apps
Whole lot of smartphones could soon be at risk of a new Cross-Device Scripting (XDS) attack that researchers have been investigating.
Adam Greenberg at SC Magazine

5 Tips For Starting Your Own Online Business
Starting your own business is no longer a pipe dream. This is the information age, the computer age, the digital age.
Matthew at TrueValhalla blog

Ten Engagement Strategies to Increase the Profitability of Your Mobile Game
If you know how to engage your user for a longer period of time, many of them will pay you not once or twice but potentially many times over the course of their usage.
Tejas Jasani at Flippin' Awesome


Adjusting resize on mobile devices with Phaser
I love the idea of having a game working on every platform without having to develop it in X languages for every device. That’s the magic of HTML5 and its evolution accross all platforms.
Loopeex blog

A first-person engine in 265 lines
In this article, we'll compose a first-person exploration from scratch, quickly and without difficult math, using a technique called raycasting.
PlayfulJS blog


Mobile Game Engineer at Weeby.co
Weeby.co Game Engineers love making games. They’ve been making games for years, whether on a mobile phone or a card table, on their own and just for themselves to play or at a major studio.

Tools and resources

Vlambeer toolkit and link repository

Free music and sfx packs from Monkey Melody

Minim, a minimal skin for GameMaker Studio

GameDev Market


C64 shader effect in WebGL in the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer


Back to Candyland: Episode 1
HTML5 game with great animation, colours and elements.

HTML5 game Pixel Wizard ported to iOS

Monster Wants Candy created with Phaser

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