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Gamedev.js Weekly #219


Facebook opened its Instant Games platform to all developers
Games can be monetized through interstitial and rewarded video ads.
Brandy Shaul at Adweek

The future of mobile web design: video game design and storytelling
As technologies change and design techniques evolve, it’s inevitable that we’d experience massive growth in terms of design quality. There are similar parallels we can see within video game design as well.
Suzanne Scacca at Smashing Magazine

President Trump showed a weird frag montage in his video game violence meeting
US President Donald Trump yesterday held a private meeting to discuss the issue of violence in video games.
Alice O'Connor at Rock Paper Shotgun

The real world as your playground: build real-world games with Google Maps APIs
The mobile gaming landscape is changing as more and more studios develop augmented reality games. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new offering for building real-world games using Google Maps’ tried-and-tested model of the world.
Clementine Jacoby at Google Maps APIs blog

Drake sets records with his Fortnite: Battle Royale Twitch debut
Drake meme no: Chicken dinner; Drake meme yes: Victory royale.
Patrick Gill, Christopher Grant, Ross Miller, and Julia Alexander at Polygon


HTML5 Sokoban prototype built with Phaser 3 updated to 3.2.0
Phaser 3 is gettig updated very often with new features added each time.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Creating a parking game with the HTML Drag and Drop API
The amazing thing that happens when features become easier to implement is that people start making all kinds of silly, impractical things with it, like a parking game!
Omayeli Arenyeka at CSS-Tricks


Volume.gl - machine learning driven tools for storytellers

Phaser 3.2.1 released


Unruly Tower

Rotating cube

Pixi.js Monster Slots


Bob Space Invader


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