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Gamedev.js Weekly #216


Why there's no such thing as 'the game industry'
People talking about how “the game industry” has done this or that. Anyone who uses neither voice actors nor microtransactions will immediately understand my frustration.
Brandon Sheffield at Gamasutra

CSS Grid for UI Layouts
How to use CSS Grid to improve application layouts that need to respond and adapt to user interactions and changing conditions, and always have your panels scroll properly.
Josh Marinacci at Mozilla Hacks

Super Mario Odyssey producer settles the debate over Toad’s head
Is it a hat, or part of his anatomy?
Michael McWhertor at Polygon

The LAN cafe is making a comeback
After a decade-long hibernation, LAN centers, also referred to over the years as cyber cafes or LAN dens, have returned en masse.
Cecilia D'Anastasio at Kotaku

Rovio issues profit warning as company plots big Hatch investment and UA costs rise
Angry Birds developer Rovio has warned investors to brace for lower than expected profits as it expands its business and user acquisition costs bite.
Craig Chapple at Pocket Gamer


How to scale your HTML5 games if your framework does not feature a scale manager – or if you do not use any framework
What if we use a framework which does not support scale management, or we build a HTML5 game on our own without using any framework?
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Making your first Phaser 3 game
We will learn how to create a small game involving a player running and jumping around platforms, collecting stars and avoiding baddies.
Richard Davey at PhaserIO


Phaser3-ES6-Webpack - generic platformer and Phaser 3 bootstrap project

Phaser3-Advanced-Boilerplate - Phaser3 advanced webpack boilerplate

Phaser-Animated-Tiles - plugin that adds support for animated tiles to Phaser 3



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