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Gamedev.js Weekly #214


The countdown to Phaser 3 begins
If you follow our Dev Logs you'll know how insanely busy we've been recently preparing Phaser 3 for release.
Richard Davey at Patreon

Supermedium launches its virtual reality web browser backed by Y Combinator
Supermedium wants to become the home for VR memes, small games, stores and VR web pages in a way that becomes a sort of Yahoo Directory for the new medium.
Lucas Matney at TechCrunch

Get rich through app development – how we got into the app business
Finding a good game mode or app idea is one thing, implementation the next, but the really hard part is to find an audience for your app.
Andre at I Want An Elephant

The next surprise billion dollar game will be on Alexa
I’m predicting by 2020 there will be a billion dollar game where the primary way to play is with your voice.
Brice Morrison's blog

Organizing a successful competition that doesn’t scale
Let’s look at the js13kGames 2017 competition from the perspective of those few months that already passed, see why this one was special, and why it have to change.
Andrzej Mazur's blog


Step by step guide to integrate Gamedistribution API in your HTML5 game
There are some promising sites doing a great work and maybe in a near future they could finally provide everything you need to monetize your HTML5 games.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Converting shaders from Shadertoy to Three.js
ThreeJS can be used to utilize postprocessing shaders which alter the whole rendered image and also material shaders, that can alter the material of 3D objects.
Markus Neuy and Dirk Krause at Hackernoon


Construct competition with Gamee


Official Phaser 3 project template

CRPG book released - sharing the history of computer role-playing games

From null to full HTML5 cross platform game book gets another update


This alter world

Flood-fill algorithm



Slalom Hero

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