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Gamedev.js Weekly #213


You are spending too long making your game
How long have you been working on your commercial game? Do you think that’s wise?
Jake Birkett at Grey Alien Games

Ethercraft: The Game
As promised, this article will detail our game’s core design from a player standpoint.
Ethercraft at Medium

Game Design Deep Dive: creating comfortable UI for VR strategy in Skyworld
Skyworld was demanding from a user interface perspective for two reasons: it is a cross-platform VR game, and a VR strategy game.
Paul van der Meer at Gamasutra

A handy guide to financial support for open source
I do open source work, how do I find funding?
Nayafia at Lemonade Stand


Build a HTML5 game like Magick iPad game using Phaser and Arcade physics – code updated and new features added
I wanted to update the source code adding more room for customization and the capability to change player direction by tapping on it.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Make your HTML5 game look nice on the iPhone X once you ported it with Cordova
Everything worked easy and fine... until iPhone X came to the market.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


Phaser Editor 2D

Abra - Phaser server/autoloader, and config manager


Neon sunrise

GLSL: infinite Voronoi zoom



Gamasutra plays Iconoclasts with Joakim Sandberg on Twitch


Cut the Rope: Magic

CasinoRPG on Steam

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