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Gamedev.js Weekly #212


OpenFL 7.0 release
There is now support for using TypeScript and ES5/ES6 JavaScript with OpenFL.
OpenFL's blog

Robot Gentleman: success in 60 Seconds
Despite year one sales expectations of 10k, the Polish indie studio's debut game went on to sell 700k - founder Dominik Gotojuch reflects on hitting the jackpot.
Matthew Handrahan at GamesIndustry

Digi-Capital: game software/hardware could hit $170 billion in 2018, $230 billion by 2022
Games are great fun, but they’re also serious business.
Tim Merel at VentureBeat

Lessons learned from the A-Frame category in the js13kGames competition
Let’s see what some of the competition participants have to say about the challenges of developing playable WebVR entries limited to just 13 kilobytes each.
Andrzej Mazur at Mozilla Hacks blog


Build a HTML5 game like Ballz using Phaser and Arcade physics – adding and destroying blocks
Now it’s time to add the blocks you will destroy by launching the ball at them. See also adding multiball.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Tic-Tac-Toe with Vue.js
We're going to implement our own little version of the classic Tic-Tac-Toe game, called Tic-Tac-Vue.
Elliott Draper's blog


Global Game Jam 2018

Mozilla's WebVR Medieval Fantasy Challenge


Image Vectorizer - convert an image into a series of vector triangles


Pixi Bezier curve tentacle


Color Sounds generative art


Hexa Snake Online

Pop Soap

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