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Gamedev.js Weekly #21


Kicking the business off solo: Okijin Games and their app success
It's tough enough for a group of individuals to propel their business to a sustainable success, but what about when you are the only member of your team?
Chris Walden at Microsoft UK Developers

Funding Your Indie Games With Client Work: The Basics
​In this article, I'll share with you some of the major things I've come to ​understand about getting freelance client game development work.
Brandon Wu at Tuts+ Game Development

How Goo Technologies plans to make the Web an even more beautiful place
Meet Goo Technologies, the Rovio chairman-backed Stockholm startup that’s keen to help make the interactive Web an even cooler place to hang out – thanks to the magic of HTML5 and WebGL.
Robin Wauters at Tech.eu

Celebrating a full year of WebGL inside CocoonJS with ThreeJS running on iOS
WebGL is spreading everywhere and to celebrate this we have recorded this video of some of the great ThreeJS demos and games running on iOS.
Ludei blog

NZ firm launches home-grown game engine Kiwi.js
GameLab plans to fund ongoing development of Kiwi.js by selling plug-in packs such as IAP, multi-player and improved particle effects, as well as professional support and development services.
Computerworld New Zealand

PlayCanvas Teams with Tizen
PlayCanvas and Tizen have formerly announced a partnership, with PlayCanvas joining the Tizen Association Partner Program.
PlayCanvas blog

Indieverse interview with Andrzej Mazur
Andrzej Mazur works hard every day from his hometown Warsaw to spread the word about HTML5 game development, writing tutorials, going to conferences and making videogames through his company Enclave Games.
Indieverse blog


Flash to Phaser JSFL Script
Flash to Phaser is a JSFL script that will aid in the process of laying out scenes within the Flash IDE and converting them into Phaser JavaScript files.
Rich at Photon Storm

How to use Tweens in Phaser Framework
I decided to write a tutorial of the most useful tweens in Phaser. Lets see them.
SvejkGames blog

Handle a pause screen with Phaser
OK, let’s assume we have just finished a game with Phaser. Great, but let’s say you want to create a pause screen during your play state.
Loopeex blog


Mobile Game Engineer at Weeby.co
Weeby.co Game Engineers love making games. We want people who know their JavaScript and who enjoy making polished, high-performance and fun casual games to be played by millions.


Arcade Font Writer

PathFinding.js with visualisation of various algorithms


Windows 8 App Game Development with HTML5


Tron: Legacy Encom Boardroom Visualization


Back to Candyland: Episode 1
HTML5 game with great animation, colours and elements.

Square Solitaire Duel on Facebook

Goaler Game: turn-based multiplayer football game

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