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Gamedev.js Weekly #209


Phaser in 2017 and beyond
A look back at the news and numbers of Phaser in 2017 and what the New Year holds.
Richard Davey at Phaser.io

'Kernel memory leaking' Intel processor design flaw forces Linux, Windows redesign
How much will this affect game performance?
ShiningForever at Reddit PC Gaming

Free player movement and static worlds
A game can either have an open world where the player can move freely, or a world that changes as the plot advances.
David Stark at Gamasutra

Video game development, why care about production?
Video games are unique in nature. They are cross-discipline, iterative and interactive. Creating such products requires suitable methodologies.
Raphael Gervaise's blog

The 50 most anticipated games of 2018
We pick a few of the standout games for the year ahead.
Colin Campbell at Polygon


Box2D vs p2.js physics in the making of Stack the Crates HTML5 game
Box2D is not the only physics engine you can use in Phaser: p2.js is also available and it comes with the basic Phaser distribution.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

6 things you haven’t optimised in your WebVR content
There are 6 ways you can avoid common pitfalls and make your 3D experience buttery smooth for users.
Michael Andrew at Medium


Tiled map editor 1.1 released

Phaser-CE-Angular-CLI-Boilerplate - simple Hello World app using Phaser-CE and Angular-CLI


Metaball oxygen game

CSS geometric fox

React slot machine


Sleigher 3000

Neon Dunk

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