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Gamedev.js Weekly #207


Curious Expedition: modding and open source
After over 115,000 sold units, the creators of the award-winning indie game The Curious Expedition have released the game’s content for free on GitHub.
Gamasutra Press Releases

How NVIDIA research is reinventing the display pipeline for the future of VR, part 2
We look at the limits of human visual perception and show several of the methods we’re exploring to drive performance closer to them in VR systems of the future.
Road to VR

Does IndieCade play the games they "review"?
IndieCade never played the game. They never even tried to run the game.
MonstersGames at Reddit

The best video game surprises of 2017
This year, a lot of things sucked. But a lot of things were also unexpectedly good. Let’s celebrate those latter things with a big list.
Kirk Hamilton at Kotaku

Crytek's new cryptocurrency will be used to buy new players
A novel approach to getting more users.
Charlie Hall at Polygon


Senior Front-End Developer at Goodboy Digital


How to use Phaser with Vim
Vim is awesome + Phaser is awesome too = double awesome.
Ramesh Limbu at Red Chilli Game

Tipsy Tower HTML5 prototype made with Panda 2 – a powerful JavaScript based game development platform
Panda 2 includes all the features you may expect from a game development platform.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


Dragnabbit - simple drag and drop JS micro-library

CryPixels - procedural pixel art generator with easy to use GUI editor



GLSL: primordial soup


Dungeon Dave and the Daughters in Distress

Robo Storm

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