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Gamedev.js Weekly #206


What can game developers learn from EA’s failed monetisation strategy
How can game developers monetise their games while making gamers happy? Ethical game design powered by the blockchain technology might be the answer.
Ilija Rolović's blog

TIGA business survey shows mixed brexit impact
29 per cent of developers feel that Brexit has been damaging, primarily because of its impact on recruitment and retention.
Suzi Stephenson at TIGA

Memory matters: a special RAM edition of Dirty Coding Tricks
Here we have a host of stories from across the industry about less-than-righteous methods used to fit levels, textures, and entire games into their required spaces.
Brandon Sheffield at Gamasutra

YouTubers are using annoying buffering in videos to protest net neutrality repeal
The rest of us have to worry about our connections being throttled.
Julia Alexander at Polygon

Decentraland shows the potential of blockchain and VR combined
Blockchain-based VR universe Decentraland is holding its first property auction today.
Ben Dickson at VentureBeat


Manipulating HTML5 Canvas using Konva: part 1, getting started
You can use Konva to draw different shapes on the canvas or the stage. See also part 2: basic shapes, 3: complex shapes and sprites, 4: styling and 5: events.
Monty Shokeen at Tuts+ Code

Tipsy Tower HTML5 prototype made with Phaser and Box2D – step 3: timer, GUI and game over
In this step we are going to add a timer – 30 seconds.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


Gynvael's Winter GameDev Challenge 2017


Don't lose your rainbowness

Fun with pixels


Hex Sweep

Jumping Ninjas Deluxe

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