— issue #201

Gamedev.js Weekly #201


The search for narrative
Why should players care about the characters in our game?
Stas at ItchIO

Niantic’s follow-up to Pokémon Go will be a Harry Potter AR game launching in 2018
The app is now official, but the details are still scarce, with the launch timeframe of just sometime next year.
Darrell Etherington at TechCrunch

I have some pretty strong evidence that the Steam keys from the defunct IndieGameStand are being re-sold
tl;dr: Developers, revoke the Steam keys you supplied to Indie Game Stand.
David Stark's blog

What is blockchain, and how can it be used in video game development today?
We will be going over a short synopsis of what it is, and how you can make use of it.
Firenibbler's blog

Gamedev.js by the numbers
Gamedev.js is the local, Polish initiative all about meetups, while Gamedev.js Weekly is a newsletter. Let’s see how both are doing in terms of raw numbers.
Andrzej Mazur's blog


Kongregate Inc looking for experienced freelance HTML5 developers


Extending the built-in phong material shader in Three.js
I’ll describe the process in case you’re interested in trying it yourself.
Matt McKenna's blog

How to animate individual letters with the correct kerning
Say we want to animate a line of text, letter by letter.
Rachel Smith at CodePen


AirConsole 25K Game Dev Contest winners announced


Let's Enhance – free online image upscale and enhancement with neural networks


Three.js eagle flight

Swirly flow field


Space Friends

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