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Gamedev.js Weekly #195


Considering moving to Seattle as an indie game dev? My one year retrospective
If you want to move to Seattle to pursue indie game development, I’m now you one year into the future.
Koob at Koobazaur's Domain

Exploring animation and interaction techniques with WebGL
I’ve found ways to explore and learn different animation and interaction techniques.
Karim Maaloul at Smashing Magazine

The art of turn-based RPGs I: menu-based battles
One of the saddest things about being an old-school RPG fan is just how misunderstood one of the most traditional and exciting RPG systems is: the Turn-Based combat.
Felipe Pepe at Gamasutra

Make Xbox One games with Construct
Microsoft recently launched the Xbox Live Creators Program, which allows anyone to publish Xbox One games with Xbox Live integration.
Ashley at Scirra's blog

YouTube and creators are trying to figure out how to coexist after new policy change
For the last two years, Youtube has been turning the crank on creators monetizing their videos, inevitably making it harder to for creators to make money in comparison to older Youtube policies.
Imran Khan at GameInformer


Creating a simple 3D physics game using Three.js and Physi.js
We'll create a simple game in which we drive a cart around collecting items, using basic physics shapes and physics constraints.
Juwal Bose at Tuts+ Game Development

Generating things with code
Informative visualizations are meant to give an insightful representation of a data-set, exploratory visualizations on the other hand are more of a tool that allows the user to make sense of a data-set.
Nicolas Barradeau at Medium

Phaser multiplayer game tutorial part 4: generating food in your game for upgrades
We'll generate food pickups for the players to eat and grow.


js13kGames 2017 winners announced


Make AR browser games with PlayCanvasAR

Phaser webfont loader

Phaser simple states


Hearthstone style card hover


End of summer


Short Trip

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