— issue #192

Gamedev.js Weekly #192


Video game developers confess their hidden tricks at last
First shots from an enemy in BioShock always miss.
Owen S. Good at Polygon

HSBC is killing my business, piece by piece — how to plan for your bank screwing up
In April 2012 Photon Storm Ltd was incorporated and began trading. Everything was going great until Thursday August 10th 2017.
Richard Davey at Medium

How (and why) we ported Shenzhen Solitaire to MS-DOS
Neither of us had any experience developing on such old hardware.
Zach Barth at Gamasutra

Rovio announces MumJam
Game jam designed to help mums get back into the industry takes place this November.
James Batchelor at GamesIndustryBiz

Phaser awarded $50,000 from MOSS Program
I'm happy to be able to announce that Mozilla accepted my application and have awarded the Phaser project $50,000.
Richard Davey at Patreon


Creating a simple 3D endless runner game using Three.js
Three.js is currently the best option out there to create high-performing 3D WebGL content.
Juwal Bose at Tuts+ Game Development

How to make Slither.io with JavaScript: part 7 - food and conclusion
In this final part of our series, we will go over adding food that snakes can eat. Since this is our final part, the demo is the completed version.


One week left to join js13kGames 2017


Kenney Game Assets 3


Wolf in SVG


Penrose triangle



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