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Gamedev.js Weekly #19


The Great HTML5 Gaming Performance Test: 2014 edition
We've tested a range of desktop and mobile devices, browsers and OSs covering a total of 30 combinations of device and software.
Ashley at Scirra

Interview: What “Fuels” Thomas Palef to Build a HTML5 Game Every Week?
Thomas Palef is a 25 year old French Developer, Engineer, and avid fan of retro games.
HTML5Hub's blog

11 reasons why branded mobile web games are the next big thing in digital marketing
While most Top 10 lists stop at 10, the opportunity for brands to use mobile web games as a means to engage with users on mobile is so good, this Top 10 list needed to go up to 11.
Rob Grossberg at Memeburn

Design Is Why 2048 Sucks, and Threes Is a Masterpiece
It’s hard to overstate just how good Threes really is. Touch Arcade’s review deemed it a “perfect mobile game.”
Kyle VanHemert at Wired

Latest Firefox OS 1.3 Release Helps Game Developers Improve User Experience
Mozilla has released the next update to Firefox OS which offers app developers the arrival of new platform technologies such as WebGL, asm.js and WebAudio for creating more immersive games with better audio effects.
Richard Harris at App Developer Magazine

Exploding onto your screen: GPU particles in Turbulenz SDK 0.28.0
SDK 0.28.0 is the first major release of 2014. It includes new libraries and upgrades to old ones.
Turbulenz's blog

Game developments impact on technology
There’s a dramatic difference between “I don’t need this” and “I don’t need this today“.
Paul Bakaus's blog

Thinking Through Gamification and HTML5 for Mobile Apps
In this article, my colleague and uber-geek (he builds games over wet-weekends) Peter Rogers shares his insights on Gamification and HTML5.
Kevin Benedict at Internet of Things

Web of opportunity: The new frontier of web game development
Develop speaks to middleware firms to find out the best tools available for making browser games for desktops and mobiles.
Aaron Lee at Develop


Phaser JavaScript Game Development Tools
Here are resources and tutorials to check out as you learn more about making games with Phaser.
Catt Small's blog

Realistic terrain in 130 lines
As programmers, we love to build things, and what could be more exciting than building a world?
PlayfulJS's blog


Mobile Game Engineer at Weeby.co
We want people who know their JavaScript and who enjoy making polished, high-performance and fun casual games to be played by millions.


HappyFunTimes - Library for making party games

Mighty Editor for Phaser


ISART Digital Gameweek Jam results


Jesse Freeman at FutureJS: Five keys to success when building HTML5 games


Back to Candyland: Episode 1
HTML5 game with great animation, colours and elements.

Form Invaders - funny little game from Typeform

Space Invaders coded live during Front-Trends conference

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