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Gamedev.js Weekly #189


The indie games are too damn cheap
During the last Summer Sale the price went down to the mind-boggling $4.63 and yet the average sales are at their lowest at 21,000 copies.
Sergey Galyonkin at Medium

Source code of 50 Amiga intros released
All 50 intros are written in ASM-One an integrated macro assembler for the Amiga computer and Motorola 680x0 processor.
Generation Amiga

China's mobile gamers have sparked an HTML5 renaissance
The recent surge in China’s H5 gaming started from the beginning of last year as more diversified gaming categories emerged.
Emma Lee at TechNode

Mayhem Above - the do's and don'ts of a solo dev
Mayhem Above has been my first released game, it is a game about bringing space to life using Music Impulses to get score.
Eder Beldad at Gamasutra

A-Frame comes to js13kGames: build a game in WebVR
There’s new twist – a brand new A-Frame VR category just in time for the arrival of WebVR to Firefox 55 and a desktop browser near you.
Andrzej Mazur at Mozilla Hacks


How to integrate Gamedistribution API in your HTML5 game and start distributing/monetizing it
According to the official website, it’s the biggest broker of high quality, cross-platform games and connects the best game developers to the biggest publishers.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Introduction to axial coordinates for hexagonal tile-based games
This tutorial series explores the alternative screen coordinate systems which could be used to ease the logic and make things more convenient.
Juwal Bose at Tuts+ Game Development


Colyseus version 0.5.0 released


WebGL Insights ebook


Tron: Legacy Encom boardroom visualization

Simplex noise

Perlin flux



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