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Gamedev.js Weekly #188


3 HTML5 games which are way better than any Flash game
There are way more low quality Flash games around the web, so probably the point is there isn’t a really great HTML5 game released in the wild.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

The death of nostalgia drives decline in video game funding on Kickstarter
It’s partially due to a decrease in consumer confidence over failed projects, many of which were driven by the gaming press that gave these titles undeserved hype.
Ian Miles Cheong at The Daily Caller

Five key areas of discoverability for indie devs
Whenever I ask indie devs what they’d like to know about marketing, a lot of them respond saying they have no idea where to begin.
Haley Uyrus at Gamasutra

Steam has launched over 1,000 games in 7 weeks following Direct introduction
215 games were released last week alone.
Joe Donnelly at PC Gamer

The agony and ecstasy of coming up with achievement names
I'm pretty sure I've designed more achievements than anyone else on the planet.
Greg McClanahan at Kongregate Developers Blog

DeepMind and Blizzard open StarCraft II as an AI research environment
DeepMind's scientific mission is to push the boundaries of AI by developing systems that can learn to solve complex problems.
Oriol Vinyals, Stephen Gaffney and Timo Ewalds at DeepMind Blog


Create a multiplayer pirate shooter game: in your browser
Creating multiplayer games is challenging: they can be expensive to host, tricky to design, and difficult to implement. I hope to tackle that last barrier.
Omar Shehata at Tuts+ Code

How to make Slither.io with JavaScript: part 6 - snake shadows
We will be adding gray shadows below snakes, we want these shadows to be flexible.


js13kGames 2017 competition starts in just two days


AirConsole plugin for Construct 3

Phaser TS Boilerplate used internally at Orange Games


Symmetric harmony

Rainbolt V2 P5*

Insect builder v0

Game of life on Earth


Noita - reveal trailer

Ready Player One - SDCC teaser

Slash Arena: Online - a year has passed


Strike Tactics

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