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Gamedev.js Weekly #186


Flash and the future of interactive content
Open standards like HTML5, WebGL and WebAssembly have matured over the past several years, most now provide many of the capabilities that plugins pioneered.
Adobe Corporate Communications

HTML5 is here
HTML5 has been hailed as the future of gaming in web browsers for years.
Kongregate Developers Blog

The next generation of web gaming
Over the last few years, Mozilla has worked closely with other browsers and the industry to advance the state of games on the Web.
Andre Vrignaud at Mozilla Hacks

PlayCanvas to support Flash devs as Adobe kills its player
Back in early 2011, we foresaw this event and started work on PlayCanvas.
Will at PlayCanvas blog

Neural network critters by Eddie Lee
Neural Network experiment by Eddie Lee uses evolutionary NN to simulate AI path finding of Froggy-style game mechanic.
Filip Visnjic at Creative Applications Network

Defend Your Homes - a cross-device HTML5 game with a retro design
We created not only the look and the vibe of a retro gaming experience but also a functioning, fun and challenging game that fully engaged its players.
Filip Warguła at Merix Studio

WebAssembly for native games on the web
The biggest improvement this year to web performance has been the introduction of WebAssembly.
Jukka Jylänki at Mozilla Hacks


HTML5 prototype of mobile hit Flipping Legend with top down view made with Phaser
Flipping Legend has you playing as one of several character types who have the ability to flip diagonally across the world, much like a bishop on a chess board.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

How to make Slither.io with JavaScript: part 4 - collisions
Essentially, what we want to do is add a point on the front of the snake that can collide with the sections of other snakes. See also: part 5 - snake eyes.


Enjoy Gamedev online conference


Dot Big Bang - open browser-based platform to build voxel-based games

AR.js - efficient Augmented Reality for the Web


Canadian bear

Floating loading animation

Kevin Giguere's collection of game development demos


Caveman Hunt

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