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Gamedev.js Weekly #184


How to write an effective press release: a complete game developer’s guide
Although the press release is one of the most important promotional tools, it is still often neglected by game developers.
Natalia Dołżycka at Medium

Jump is a subscription service that's 'like Netflix for indie games'
Designed to help indies get discovered, Jump is due later this summer.
Joe Donnelly at PC Gamer

Pushing the edges of play - lessons learned from making 100 games in five years
Cox is left to reflect on what's he gained from this undertaking, finding he's learned a great deal from working with so many different genres, ideas, and stories.
Joel Couture at Indie Games

Announcing Babylon.js 3.0
This version is packed with incredible features, but before listing some of them, I want to thank the awesome community behind this release.
David Catuhe at Windows Blog

A virtual journey through sound, powered by A-Frame
Our latest Tinnovation project, Band Explorer VR, is up and running — how did we do it?
David Robinson at Mozilla Tech


From zero to hero, creating WebVR experiences with Babylon.js on all platforms
You’ll learn how to build the WebVR experience, running cross-platforms, where I’m moving inside a 3D scene in VR via teleportation using the VR controllers.
David Rousset's blog

The basics behind “jumping on enemies” feature, explained with Phaser and Arcade physics
One of the most interesting features introduce in platform games is the ability to jump on enemies and maybe squashing them to death.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


js13kGames 2017 starts next month


NeutrinoParticles - particles editor

Seamless texture generator


React game - SVG Princess Mononoke

All CSS water themed UI demo

Planets app SVG animation


Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner


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