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Gamedev.js Weekly #181


Crash Bandicoot: an oral history
A deep look back at PlayStation’s blockbuster 1996 platformer, as told by those who were there.
Blake Hester at Polygon

Earnings and statistics from my 2nd Android game - Tree Tap
It’s a simple clicker/idle game, in which we gather funds and we buy upgrades, from time to time, we make decisions.
DonislawDev at Reddit

Super Mario Bros. level recreated in AR by HoloLens developer
Developer Abhishek Singh recreated a life size Super Mario Bros. level and played it wearing HoloLens in New York’s Central Park.
Ian Hamilton at UploadVR

7 steps that got me a job in the games industry
Three years ago I decided that I want to work in the game industry.
Leszek Gorniak at Game Career Guide

3 months after launch, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds sells 4M copies
As a reminder, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is based on an Arma mod called Battle Royale previously licensed for Daybreak’s H1Z1 King of the Kill.
Bryant Francis at Gamasutra


The basics behind “wall jump” in platform games. HTML5 prototype made with Phaser and Arcade physics
It’s the ability to jump, hit a wall and jump again on the opposite direction.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Streamlining development of web game as standalone with Phaser and NW.js
Developing an HTML5 game as a standalone application can be a murky process. Here’s how to set yourself up right and make the testing and building fairly painless.
Koobazaur's blog

Sugar, Sugar: a Three.js project walkthrough
I've outlined a step-by-step project walkthrough that will result in a 3D visualization of random rotating sugar particles using ThreeJS.
Nat Cooper at Codepen


Virtual hackathon - let’s make VR together


PhaserJS roulette game example

PhaserJS plugin for the creation of dungeon layouts procedurally

A VR ready post processing framework for Three.js and⁄or A-Frame


CSS Hotline Miami paragraphs

CSS dream catcher

Three.js terrarium builder

Delaunay's triangulation


Funky Carts

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