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Gamedev.js Weekly #180


Student success: the Cash Ninja game for Facebook by Daniel Danielecki
Daniel’s latest project has taken him to where he hasn’t gone before — and that is to publishing a game on Facebook.
Christopher at Zenva Academy

Write and run WebAssembly in your browser with WasmFiddle
WebAssembly or wasm is a new portable, size- and load-time-efficient format suitable for compilation to the web.
Rocco Balsamo at Hackernoon

Obscure Steam games and digging for Hidden Gems
Every now and then someone makes the argument that all really good games eventually do well.
Bill Borman at Gamasutra

Mobile advertisers are falling in love with ‘playable ads’
Mobile advertisers are warming up to “playable ads,” or mobile advertisements that allow a player to experience part of a game immediately.
Dean Takahashi at Venture Beat

E3 2017 press conferences: the 16 best announcements
Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Windows and more.
Brian Crecente at Polygon


Create terrain for vehicles in Phaser
This tutorial will cover a simple way to make vehicles in Phaser and create terrain for them to drive on.

Creating a hexagonal minesweeper
You will learn how to convert a two-dimensional array data to a corresponding hexagonal level layout on screen and vice versa.
Juwal Bose at Tuts+ Game Development

Play “Ladderz”, the complete HTML5 game based on “Mike Dangers” concept
And finally we have a complete game to play.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


Liquid Fun

Fruu - particle-based WebGL presentation tool

JavaScript sound effect generator SoundFX


Procedural fur

Vue.js logo in Three.js

Little iso city generator


Little Alchemy


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