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Gamedev.js Weekly #178


Starting a game studio with no money
You know, someone really should have warned me that this whole thing would be hard if you couldn’t bootstrap the entire endeavor yourself.
Trent Polack at Joy Machine

One month polish: taking a game from ugly to pretty as a non-artist
I spent as little time as possible on the actual mechanics, and focused instead on making it look nicer and nicer wherever possible.
Solomon Lutze at Gamasutra

To booth or not to booth: the key rules of trade show marketing
Should trade shows be included in your marketing mix? Is it worth the cost?
Jeff Gurian at Kongregate Developers

Making your own engine shouldn't be seen as scary or crazy, says Thumper dev
Marc Flury shares how current programming education is, in a way, holding game developers back.
Alissa McAloon at Gamasutra

Tips on making perfect stylized 3D
Jessi Ruselowski gave a couple of tips on modeling and texturing very unusual stylized cartoony 3d scenes.
Kirill Tokarev at 80 Level


“Mike Dangers” HTML5 game engine made with Phaser and Arcade physics – adding spikes, death and more features
Here we go with another step in the making of Mike Dangers.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Processing game events with Amazon SQS, Node, and Rails
It seems like updating a player’s score should be a pretty simple thing to do, but in the world of multiplayer web games, I think it can be pretty challenging.
Space Pizzas blog


Evil Glitch (js13kGames 2016 winner) debuts on Steam

CasinoRPG on Steam Greenlight

Glitchbuster on Steam Greenlight


Science-based games - a collaborative list

Sunny Land - pixel game art by Ansimuz


Waterdroplet WebGL shader

Liquid button


The 42nd bridge demo


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