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Gamedev.js Weekly #176


The future of web/HTML5 games
I’ve divided this article into four sections, which represent the most important possibilities for revolutionizing the web game industry.
Raul Otaolea at LinkedIn

Gamee vows to make gaming more accessible to brands via a messaging app and influencer strategy
Social gaming platform Gamee has just secured 2 million euros in funding, which it plans to use to shape its advertising products and power its expansion worldwide.
Charlotte McEleny at The Drum

How Scanner Sombre immerses players in a pitch-black cave: sound and lasers
What happens when your game doesn’t have a conventional lighting system? Or even an organic color palette?
Jack Yarwood at Gamasutra

Enrich your WeChat marketing campaign with gamification
China is a huge market for video games. After being marginalised for several years, video games are now completely part of our lives.
Augustin Missoffe 宋福 at LinkedIn

Where do we find convolutions in games?
Convolution underlies much in our modern connected world, though most of us are unaware.
Wil Chung at Tetracasa

Cuba: where underground arcades, secret networks and piracy are a way of life
A look at how Cubans play, make, critique and find video games.
Brian Crecente at Polygon


Good Things Come in Threes gamejam with Construct 3


Square in a circle - loading animation

Lonely planet

Moments of happiness


Classic game postmortem: Fallout



Evil Glitch sets the release date on Steam

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