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Gamedev.js Weekly #171


Monster Bashing - a story about my first game
It’s not the first time I try to make a game, but it’s the first time I manage to finish one. Here’s how I came through and why, this time, I succeeded.
Josselin TD at Medium

Valve says they're making big changes to Steam to stomp out 'fake games'
The problem with this system, of course, is that it risks burying a handful of good games.
Nathan Grayson at Kotaku Steamed

Attacking machine learning with adversarial examples
Adversarial examples are inputs to machine learning models that an attacker has intentionally designed to cause the model to make a mistake.
Ian GoodFellow, Nicolas Papernot, Sandy Huang, Yan Duan, Pieter Abbeel and Jack Clark at OpenAI blog

Indies, you can do your own marketing, but should you?
I went on a journey into the dark world of marketing to discover if I had what it takes to market our indie game Idioctopus.
BadgerHammer's blog

Making your indie game multilingual
Over 50% of the international video game industry lies outside of the USA, so it can be imperative for you to provide multiple translations of your game.
Firenibbler's blog

Game design deep dive: VR cockpit audio in Gunjack 2: End of Shift
All the sound passes through an acoustic rendering of the cockpit, so that the player really has the sense of being a turret operator inside this specific physical space.
Alex Riviere at Gamasutra


Pong with SVG.js
It might seem like a complex idea for a small tutorial, but it's simpler than it sounds.
Ulrich-Matthias Schäfer at CSS-Tricks

HTML5 swipe controlled Sokoban game made with Phaser featuring unlimited undos – solving and advancing through levels
In this new step of the Sokoban series I am showing you how to check if the player solved a level, and how to advance through levels.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Augmented reality in 10 lines of HTML
We released AR.js recently. You can experience efficient augmented reality for the web directly on your phone without installing any applications.
Alexandra Etienne at devTo


BLUR launch jam winners announced


Animista - CSS animations on demand


Sounds4media library


Three.js chameleon

Vue-controlled Wall-E



Mega Pro Racer

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