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Gamedev.js Weekly #170


HTML5 Games Workshop: make a platformer game with JavaScript
I have always wanted to run a game development workshop, and some weeks ago, thanks to AdaJS in Barcelona, I finally got my chance.
Belén Albeza at Mozilla Hacks blog

One developer and 2 months work: avoiding Kickstarter by creating and selling a smaller game
I decided to come up with another way to fund my game, and it might be an interesting road or thought for other developers to try.
Orangepascal at Reddit

Frogmind and GamePix bring Badland on the web with HTML5
Thanks to this collaboration, players from all around the world are now able to play the award-winning game BADLAND instantly through their browser.
GamePix's blog

5 indie games in 2017 for people who don’t like indie games
Not into indie games? If your friends won't shut up about Steam, we've got you covered.
Joshua Wood at Cultured Vultures

Defining alien attack formations in a retro shoot em up
Our inspiration for this game is from the early 1990’s and games like Raiden. Raiden was a tough game. Very tough.
Space Monster Games

Marketing your HTML5 game, a quick guide
Lots of people consider marketing to be one of the last steps in publishing a game. This is wrong.
Firenibbler's blog

A Saturday Night - record and replay: motion capture for A-Frame
On A-Saturday-Night, we wanted to create a fun experience around the idea of recording and reproducing tracking data.
MozVR's blog


Recreating legendary 8-bit games music with Web Audio API
8-bit music, or chiptune, is synthesized electronic music used in old computers, consoles and arcade machines.
Greg Hovanesyan at Codepen

Phaser P2 Physics Bodies and Loon Physics
This tutorial shows how to make a simple game using Phaser P2 Physics.
Loonride Tutorials

Interest management for multiplayer online games
Interest management is a very important technique to make massively multiplayer online games scale better.
Jerome Renaux at Dynetis Games


Matriax free assets



CSS Grid Garden

Doritos Mix Arcade made with Phaser at The Webby Awards


Jack the Creative

Bee Volleyball

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