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Gamedev.js Weekly #17


On the future of Web publishing in Unity
A few weeks ago at GDC, we announced support for WebGL publishing for Unity 5. Now I’d like to share some more information on what this is all about, and what you can expect from it.
Jonas Echterhoff at Unity Technologies blog

Indieverse interview with Geoff Blair
Geoff Blair likes to make and play games, snowboard, and fall out of trees. As one half of Lost Decade Games, he's responsible for boring stuff like rendering optimization and collision response.
Indieverse blog

HTML5 games are generating more and more revenue, according to FGL.com
Today I received the newsletter from FGL with a link to 1st quarter 2014 developer sales stats.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

MicropolisJS lets you play the original SimCity in your browser
It’s a remake of the original 1989 SimCity that you can now play in your browser.
Julian Benson at PCGamesN

Responsive Game Design: Making Games that Scale Across Desktop, Mobile and TV
Gone are the days where you can make a game and publish it to a single platform and expect to be successful.
Jesse Freeman at Amazon Mobile App Distribution Blog

The top 16 game engines for 2014
In the wake of new free and subscription models, Develop breaks down how to choose the right game engine for you.
Craig Chapple at Develop

Game design tips - Better inputs
I often play web games in my free time, and I noticed something that a lot of games get wrong: the inputs.
Lessmilk's blog


Build an Anime Robot in WebGL Using Three.js
After I built the Tachikomas in Cinema 4D, I then made a simplified Tachikoma using Three.js, the popular and excellent JavaScript library for WebGL.
Giles Bowkett's blog

Understanding and Implementing 3D Audio in GameMaker: Studio
Audio is a crucial element of the overall gaming experience, and GameMaker: Studio provides a relatively simple way for you to implement 3D audio in your projects.
Sonny Bone at Tuts+ Game Development


HTML5 gaming: the future is here
Sponsored video


Software Engineer at Softgames
Softgames is operating a browser-based network of HTML5 games and global gaming portals optimized for smartphones and tablets which draw millions of monthly players.


Announcing the Got Game 2014 Winners


Isomer - an isometric graphics library for HTML5 canvas

Universal Sound FX - collection of useful sound effects

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